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Festivals in Haiphong City

Objects of worship: Tran Hung Dao, An sinh vuong Tran Lieu (the father of Tran Hung Dao), Tue Tinh (famous physician). Characteristics: Worshipping, incense-offering ceremony, swinging, dum singing, cock fighting, Chinese chess.

Festivals in Hai Duong

Objects of worship: The village's tutelary god and 5 brothers and sisters of family name of Vuong who help Le Dai Hanh against Song invaders: Vuong Duc Minh, Vuong Duc Xuan, Vuong Duc Hong, Vuong Thi Dao, Vuong Thi Lieu. Characteristics: The procession of 6 palanquins of which dragon and unicorn-dancing teams go ahead.

Festivals in Hung Yen

Objects of worship: Village's tutelary god Anh Lang - Duc Van Royal Highest in the reign of Hung Due Vuong who had merit of helping people in the region to escape famine. Characteristics: Ceremony of recalling the embodied day of the An Xa village's tutelary god.

Festivals in Quang Ninh

Objects of worship: Tran Hung Dao. Characteristics: Bach Dang traditional swimming festival.

Festivals in Nam Dinh

An Cu Village Festival Time: 6th day of the first lunar month. Place: Xuan Vinh Commune, Xuan Truong District, Nam Dinh Province. Characteristics: Sticks dance.

Festivals in Ha Nam

Objects of worship: General Tran Khanh Du, having merit of fighting Nguyen aggressors. Characteristics: Grand sacrifices - offering ceremony and the God procession.

Festivals in Thai Binh

Objects of worship: Nguyen Minh Khong - the teacher of the prince who had merit of treating King Ly Than Tong of hoa ho (behaviour and action of a tiger) disease. Characteristics: Procession, incense - offering ceremony, praying, boat racing (tell the old tale of Nguyen Minh Khong).

Festivals in Thanh Hoa

Objects of worship: Tutelary god Hien te Anh Linh Hoa Nuong. Characteristics: Vegetarian meal, oan (truncated cone of sticky rice), fruits, votive paper things, sacrifices - offering ceremony in three days.

Festivals in Nghe An

Bua Cave Festival Time: 21st to the 23rd day of the first lunar month. Place: Chau Tien Commune, Quy Chau District, Nghe An Province. Characteristics: Spring festival of the ethnic minority.

Festivals in Ha Tinh

Objects of worship: Le Khoi (Chieu Trung Dai Vuong) - a famous General of Le Dynasty. Characteristics: Boat racing, cock fighting.