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Festivals in Hanoi

Objects of worship: Thai Luan - the founder of making paper. Characteristics: Death anniversary of the founder - Worship to the ancestor, offerings include Chè Kho (soft green-lentil cake), Bánh Giấy, betel-nut, wine.

Festivals in Dak Lak

Characteristics: Reflection of the martial spirit of the M'Nong people in particular and the Central Highlands people in general. Participators: M'Nong.

Festivals in Quang Nam

Objects of worship: Agriculture Genie. Characteristics: The festival is mainly for grazing buffalo children, a procession and praying the Agriculture Genie for good weather and a bumper crop.

Festivals in Danang

Festivals in Danang Ca Ong (Whale) Festival The festival takes place every year, for two days, in the middle of the third lunar month. It is celebrated as an act of respect for the spirits, and it is also linked to the prosperity of the fishing villages.

Festivals in Quang Binh

Objects of worship: Nhan than (father and son of fisherman) and Ca Ong (whale). Characteristics: Procession of Ong's bone, "Ho khoan, cheo can" performance, bong (flower) dance. Sea festival involves the ceremony of floating paper boats, paper fish to the sea and praying, the boat race of six villages.

Festivals in Hue

Objects of worship: God of opening rice paddies Ho Quang Lanh and families Nguyen, Huynh, Doan. Characteristics: Procession of god, chess playing, cock fighting.

Festivals in Binh Dinh

Objects of worship: Ba (a goddess of the sea). Characteristics: Praying for good weather, happiness and wealth for villagers; sacrifice-offering ceremony, singing, souls-of-the-dead worshiping and do gian (an old custom of the local people in which the offering is roast pork. When the sacrifice-offering ceremony finishes, roast pork is thrown down from trellis).

Festivals in Khanh Hoa

Objects of worship: Ca Ong. Characteristics: Incense offering ceremony, procession of torch, horn playing by a team of women, drum beating by a team of men, the first incense burning by a boy, boi singing, ba trao singing.

Festivals in Gia Lai

Leaving the tomb festival Time: Not fixed, often lasting from 3 to 7 days in spring time Place: The cemetery Objects of worship:The deceased people Characteristics:Rituals of sacrifice offerings, eating, playing of the whole community beside the tomb house.

Festivals in Dong Nai

Ky Yen Festival Time: The 26th day of the sixth lunar month. Place: Nguyen Huu Canh Temple, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province. Characteristics: Boat racing, vying for offerings to get fortunes.