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Festival in Vietnam

- Nice clothes, or traditional costumes. - Ritual of ancestral worshipping and a rite to see Tao Quan (Kitchen God) off. - Best wishes for a prosperous New Year and family gathering.

Festival in Hoa Binh - Vietnam

he Praying for good fortune Festival of the Thai in Mai Chau. Every family prepares worshipping meal to set table in common shrine follow the principles: this year the offering is chicken, next year the offering is pig. In the afternoon, each family kills two chickens to worship Kitchen God (set in house) and Earth genie (set at field).

Festivals in Phu Tho - Vietnam

Hung Hai Cong and three Royal Highest mandarins who had merit of helping people control floods, Princess Que Hoa. Characteristics:Praying for water ceremony, after worshipping take trai down and race boat at night

Festivals in Vinh Phuc - Vietnam

Objects of worship: La Cong Lo - the General who had merit of fighting Trieu Van Vuong troops. Characteristics: Sacrifice - offering ceremony, buffalo fighting.

Festivals in Lai Chau

he spring festival days of the Laos in Lai Chau. People pray the gods of rivers and mountains, the ancestors' support for earning one's living easily. Sorcerer makes offerings, food tray of offerings is processed from the village to the forest. From the 1st day to the 5th day of Tet, people play traditional games and dance at the village, Con balls throwing, drink can wine.

Festivals in Dien Bien

Ban Flower Festival of the Thai Time: The second lunar month Place: Mountainous of North-west, Dien Bien Province Characteristics: Praying for good crop and happiness.

Festivals in Bac Giang

Bo Da Pagoda Festival Time: the 18th day of the second lunar month. Place: Thuong Lan Commune, Viet Yen District, Bac Giang Province. Objects of worship: The ancestral bonze, who had merit of building the pagoda. Characteristics: Commemorating the anniversary of the ancestral bonze's death.

Festivals in Bac Ninh

Objects of worship: Ba Chua Kho (The Queen of Stock), four gods: Thien phu, Dia phu, Thuy phu, and Nhac phu. Characteristics: Incense offering ceremony, custom of borrowing money from her (only symbolizing) to pray for property and good luck.

Festivals in Lang Son

Objects of worship: Ba Chua Thuong Ngan (goddess of mountain), co (girls), cau (boys). Characteristics: Procession of co Bo Bac Le from Keng Temple to Bac Le Temple (co Bo goes to serve the mother Thuong Ngan), len dong (go into a trance), hau bong (séance or get into a trance and act as a medium).

Festivals in Bac Kan

Characteristics: Spring festival annual of the ethnic minorities usually arranged near Ba Be Lake, attracts many people. The typical folk games for spring festival of the ethnic minorities of North-East mountainous area: sticks pushing, tug of wars contest, con throwing, giao duyen singing. In recent years, people arranged the contest of village singing between two hamlets of Tay and Dao minorities.

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